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Life after the NDAA

Security industry seeks clarity as federal ban on Hikvision, Dahua products takes effect

According to Michael Rogers, CEO, Securityhunter, a prime GSA Schedule Contractor, most end-users are also in the dark about the cameras hanging on their networks. “These clients really don’t know…take for example Hikvision and Dahua cameras. Read more..

WorkStream Business Systems | October 2016

How to Grow Your Business: An Interview with Mike Rogers of Securityhunter

Mike Rogers is the CEO of Securityhunter, a rapidly growing IT company that installs electronic surveillance systems for government sites, such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies. Mike’s history intrigued me - he grew a unique and very successful business from nothing. Read more..

Baltimore Jewish Times | March 2016

Jewish Roots Inspire Baltimore Business Executive's Business

Michael Rogers initially attended Cornell University to become a veterinarian; that didn’t go as planned, so he switched to business. The business he started took inspiration from his childhood. “When you grow up as a Jew in the Bronx, you see guys with tattoos on their arms from Auschwitz,” Rogers told Inc. 5000 in 2014. Read more..

Baltimore Business Journal | February 2016

Baltimore tech firm wants to ‘go after whale’

For almost two decades, Rogers’ company, Baltimore-based Securityhunter Inc. made money by going after small government contracts, seeing the project through, then chasing down another. Rogers likened the approach to eating squirrel because these small meals weren’t enough to feed a growing company. Read more..

Security Infowatch | August 2015

Integrator Connection: How to Untangle the Federal Process

To most security dealers and systems integrators, federal contracting is an arcane and mysterious art. Beyond the knowledge that there is a lot of paperwork involved and a ton of dreaded TLAs (three-letter acronyms) involved, Washington D.C., is a long way from home for most. While Michael S. Rogers, PSP, CPP and CEO of Securityhunter — a top-five Fast50 company for several years — concedes that federal work is a... Read more..

Ami Magazine | October 2014

Lunch Break with Michael S. Rogers

When I was 17 and studying at Cornell, my next-door neighbor, Michael Leibowitz, who  was  only 18,  started his own alarm company from his dorm room. He would sell self-contained alarm systems by placing ads in magazines such as Popular Science. That planted the seed in my head that I could run my own security company, especially if an 18-year-old could do it. I wanted to learn about security so I went to work as a salesman for a security company. Read more..

Baltimore Business Journal | August 2014

Local firms among fastest-growing

Almost half of the Maryland companies that made the cut for Inc. Magazine's 5,000 fastest growing companies, hail from the Baltimore area. Government contractor Securityhunter was the fastest-growing company in the Baltimore area, with 2,998 percent growth over the last three years. The Baltimore security firm reported $35.9 million in revenue in 2013. Read more..

SDI Fast 50 | March 2014

Hunter of Success

SD&I Fast50 #3: For Securityhunter CEO Michael Rogers, a rocky road has led to a destination of tremendous achievement. Michael Rogers, CEO of Securityhunter, is no stranger to success — his firm was the top-ranked Fast50 company in each of the first two years of these rankings. Read more..

Smart CEO | February-March 2014

A Great Leader Executing One's Vision

For more than 25 years. Secuirtyhunter, has focused on security only, but things didn't really get rolling for the company until it decided to expand and be a comprehensive provider of security services to the government. "This transformation positioned us for future profitability and the retooling and education needed for growth," says CEO Michael S. Rogers. Read more..

Security InfoWatch | November 2013

Get Government Gigs!

In government work, the first contract is typically the hardest to get. The learning curve is steep. Competition is brutal. That said, government work can be rewarding. It is like navigating a mine field, says Michael S. Rogers, CEO of Securityhunter, Baltimore: you have to be careful not to get blown up.  Read more..

SD&I Magazine | April 2013

The 2nd Annual SD&I Fast50

America’s Fastest Growing Systems Integrator for 2013 was Securityhunter, led by Mike Rogers PSP, CPP and chief executive officer. The Baltimore, Md., company has  been in the industry since 1988 but it is only in the most recent several years that Rogers has seen the results of lots of late nights and customer hand-holding: some very significant government contracts that skyrocketed the company’s revenues. Read more..

SD&I | June 2012

Grabbing Government Work

Doing project work is like hunting for squirrel. You eat one day but are hungry the next,” said Michael S. Rogers, PSP, CPP, and chief executive officer of Securityhunter, Baltimore, MD. Securityhunter was the #1 ranked systems integrator in SD&I’s Fast50 program chronicling America’s Fastest Growing Systems Integrators. Read more..

Baltimore Smart CEO | July 2010

Saboteurs and Scallywags

We are a privileged group, us CEOs. We get to lead our businesses and enjoy ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams. Whether you protect the “king” or discover who the rats are, you can learn a lot by keeping your eyes open. Read more..

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