Ross Nelson

Executive Director

Ross Nelson is Securityhunter’s Executive Director. Joining the Securityhunter team in May of 2012, Mr. Nelson brings not only his military experience, but also 20 years of experience in the electronic security industry to the team.  Mr. Nelson has a proven success record managing complex government programs, recruiting and managing subcontractors and vendors, recruiting and managing talented staff members and creating strategic teams and contracts to accomplish specific goals for Securityhunter’s federal clients. Mr. Nelson is also a key member of Securityhunter’s business development team.

Mr. Nelson graduated Capella University Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.  Having also served as an information technology specialist, an electronic security engineer, an electronic security consultant, a project manager for federal projects and also a program manager for federal programs, he has experience and expertise within a wide range of technical and managerial disciplines.

Other interests include marksmanship, military history and gardening.