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Securityhunter Gives Back 2020

Baltimore, MD: December, 2020. After a successful pilot program of providing financial assistance for 28 local children in need and their families during the Christmas holidays, Securityhunter turned its efforts inward by finding ways to assist its employees.

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Founder, Michael S. Rogers and Executive Director, Ross Nelson purchased almost 2 tons of food for employees. Knowing the seriousness of what was to come, both Rogers and Nelson felt it necessary to assist employees by providing a few staples in case grocery stores were closed and the Nation was placed on lockdown.

In early February, Securityhunter provided 50 pounds of rice, 12 pounds of black beans, 80 ounces of honey, 10 pounds of oatmeal, and 96 ounces of peanut butter to each employee. The gift was announced during what would be the last All Hands Meeting of the year because shortly thereafter, Governor Larry Hogan announced the State of Maryland would introduce the “Stay at Home” order, encouraging all Marylanders who were able, to work from home. Providing security services to the Federal Government made Securityhunter an essential business during the pandemic and the company quickly had to adapt most of the workforce to telework conditions, but also created opportunities and a safe environment for employees like technicians who are unable to perform their jobs from home, to come into the office and work.

As a result, Securityhunter has not had to suffer layoffs or furloughs due to the pandemic and we have been able to continue to fully support our Federal clients.

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