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Securityhunter Gives Back to the Dementia Society of America

Securityhunter Gives Back to the Dementia Society of America

Baltimore, MD December, 2022

Securityhunter, Inc., located in Baltimore, Maryland, participates in charitable employee matching program in support of the Dementia Society of America

For the past 3 years, Securityhunter has made a difference in the community by sponsoring a voluntary giving program. Towards the end of November, employees are invited to voluntarily donate any amount to the chosen cause. Once the donations are received, the company matches the gift and donates on behalf of Securityhunter. This year, employees realized in some way, all our lives have been touched by dementia and as a result, chose the Dementia Society of America (DSA) for our charitable giving.

The Dementia Society of America supports those living with dementia, the ones who love and care for them, and the family and friends who stand with them. Contributions to DSA help to educate and build awareness throughout the United States by underwriting meaningful non-medical programs for those living with dementia and their caregivers. Additionally, DSA is able to connect caregivers to local resources.

Executive Administrative Assistant, Dana Ashton, whose brother-in-love has dementia says, “John started showing signs of dementia around age 60. Knowing both of his parents had Alzheimer’s Dementia, he and my sister jumped right on it and reached out to his medical team. They were able to provide the needed resources and guidance to my sister as she navigated the unsteady waters of caregiver and he as the patient. For me, giving to the Dementia Society of America, is personal and my way of honoring John”.

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