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Securityhunter, Inc. Among "Top 5" Sellers and #1 Security Solution Provider for GSA Schedule 84

Baltimore, MD February 24, 2017

According to a research company, Securityhunter, Inc., located in Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the top five sellers for the GSA Schedule 84 and the #1 security solution provider for GSA Schedule 84. At the end of each fiscal year, the GSA Sales Final Report for GSA Schedule 84 is released. The GSA Schedule 84 serves the federal buyer relating to Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response Schedule. Schedule 84 includes products like body armor, night vision equipment, metal and bomb detection equipment, alcohol detection and drug testing kits. It also includes criminal investigative equipment and supplies, closed circuit surveillance systems, security convergence solutions, alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment (excluding fire trucks), marine craft, and special purpose clothing.

For 2016, according to the report, Securityhunter is #5 on the list for Top GSA Sales and #1 in security solution providers for the GSA Schedule 84. Total GSA Sales for Securityhunter was over $27M.

About Securityhunter, Inc.: Founded in 1988, Securityhunter targets security solutions which support a wide range of government security initiatives. Securityhunter manufactures, designs, installs and maintains electronic and information security countermeasure systems for government facilities. Securityhunter offers professional security support services, and assists U.S. federal, state and local agencies with assessments and management of security tasks for mission critical CONUS and OCONUS operations.

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