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Securityhunter, Inc. Warns “DO NOT MESS WITH THE U.S.”

Baltimore, MD January 11, 2017

After almost two years, Securityhunter, Inc., a Baltimore based company, has received approval for the trademark, “DO NOT MESS WITH THE U.S.” After several domestic terrorism attacks on the United States of America, Founder and CEO, Michael S. Rogers had had enough and wanted to send out a clear message that the United States was not to be messed with. He believed that it was the perception and the mood amongst Americans that we as a people take action.

As a result, he trademarked the slogan, “DO NOT MESS WITH THE U.S.” and created playing cards and bumper stickers as a way to get the message out. When asked why this was so important to him, Mr. Rogers responded, “America is the greatest country in the world and we’re all tired of terrorists attempting to intimidate us.” The eagle logo was designed by Isabella Kartuz, a Securityhunter employee who doubles as an Accounting Specialist and Graphic Designer. Playing cards and bumper stickers can be purchased on our website, Vinyl Car Decal 4” x 6” $5.99 Can be applied to most smooth surfaces including windows, walls, cars, trucks, boats and more, durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Classic Poker Playing Cards (54 cards) $10.99 Linen back finish. Card size 2.48''×3.46'' (63mm×88mm)

About Securityhunter, Inc.: Founded in 1988, Securityhunter targets security solutions which support a wide range of government security initiatives. Securityhunter manufactures, designs, installs and maintains electronic and information security countermeasure systems for government facilities. Securityhunter offers professional security support services, and assists U.S. federal, state and local agencies with assessments and management of security tasks for mission critical CONUS and OCONUS operations.

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