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Securityhunter, Inc. Initiates Master at Arms Certified EmployeeProgram

Baltimore, MD July 20, 2016

Securityhunter, Inc., located in Baltimore, Maryland, initiates new Master At Arms program Given that we know there are people either dangerously and mentally unstable or open to participating in acts of terrorism – we believe that it would be gross negligence to leave our employees unprotected. It is clear that there are dangerous people who attack places of employment and when called, often times the police arrive too late to stop the person bent on a massacre within the workplace. Our solution? The Master at Arms Certified Employee Program (MACE). This program allows Securityhunter employees to apply to participate and after intense training, background checks, mental and physical evaluation, and proper certification, to carry company issued weapons while on the property of Securityhunter.

They will serve as and provide “in-house” security, allowing employees to feel safer while on the premises. The MACE program is the vision of founder and CEO, Michael S. Rogers. After shootings that occurred in the workplace, Mr. Rogers decided to take steps to provide a sense of security to the staff in the event of an attack. “The safety of the staff is my responsibility and when I am not there, I need to know that the appropriate steps have been put in place just in case something of this magnitude happens. You can never be too careful or too prepared”. He further stated, “the development of this program was triggered by an active shooter presentation shown to our staff where we were told to take shelter under our desks - something I had to do in first grade when a nuclear fallout alarm would sound.

There is no way that we will revert to responding like 6-year old children.” Former Army Sergeant and Securityhunter employee, Ross Nelson, is assisting Mr. Rogers with developing the program. When asked what the program meant to him, Nelson stated, “It means that we refuse to be a soft target and we refuse to be defenseless, no matter who the enemy is. Nobody should ever have to be afraid to come to work.”

About Securityhunter, Inc.: Founded in 1988, Securityhunter targets security solutions which support a wide range of government security initiatives. Securityhunter manufactures, designs, installs and maintains electronic and information security countermeasure systems for government facilities. Securityhunter offers professional security support services, and assists U.S. federal, state and local agencies with assessments and management of security tasks for mission critical CONUS and OCONUS operations.

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