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Securityhunter, Inc. Participates In Expo Seguridad Mexico 2019

Baltimore, MD May 10, 2019

Securityhunter, Inc., located in Baltimore, Maryland, takes part in the Expo Seguridad Mexico 2019 sponsored by the Maryland Department of Commerce Securityhunter participated in the “Expo Seguridad Mexico 2019” held in Mexico City, Mexico, at the convention center "Centro Banamex” from May 7th to May 9th. Expo Seguridad Mexico is the leading security event in Latin America bringing together buyers and exhibitors from all over the world by presenting new products and solutions.

The Expo draws thousands of attendees interested in developing knowledge in security educational programs in Latin America. This year more than 16,000 attendees learned the latest innovations of the industry and developed new business relationships within the community. Since 2002, this three-day security convention has provided manufacturers, distributors, integrators and national and international end users a platform to interact and exchange knowledge dedicated entirely to the security industry. Securityhunter was one of the five companies leading the delegation to “Expo Seguridad 2019” with the program ExportMD sponsored by the State of Maryland. Securityhunter’s mission has always been to help secure the United States.

We have provided more than 250 million dollars in security systems to the Department of Defense and the federal government, and now our company will start developing close relationships that will be the foundation of a successful commitment to our friends in the region. Securityhunter’s first initiative is the “Train the Trainer” program, which will allow us to train and help nations that are friendly to the U.S. to protect their own people. International Business Manager and Expo attendee Mauricio Osorio says, “As part of the Securityhunter family, I am very proud to have participated in "Expo Seguridad Mexico 2019" to help open new ways of communication, understanding and training for all of our Latin American friends.

This new experience will open doors and continue to help strengthen our partnerships in the region.” Video for Expo Seguridad 2019: Video after Expo Seguridad 2019:

About Securityhunter, Inc.: Founded in 1988, Securityhunter targets security solutions which support a wide range of government security initiatives. Securityhunter manufactures, designs, installs and maintains electronic and information security countermeasure systems for government facilities. Securityhunter offers professional security support services, and assists U.S. federal, state and local agencies with assessments and management of security tasks for mission critical CONUS and OCONUS operations. For information please contact

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